5th Edition PMBOK® Guide—Chapter 10: Communication Management Plan

The following chart contains a list of those elements which may be contained within a project’s Communication Management Plan, the output of process 10.1 Plan Communications Management.  The 5th Edition PMBOK® Guide merely lists them, but I have decided to organize them a bit by listing those elements which pertain to a specific management area, or in the last case, the Environmental Enterprise Factors or Organizational Process Assets.

  Management Area Communication Plan Element
1. Integration Escalation process:  time frames and management chain for escalation of issues
2. Scope Language, format of communications
3. Cost Resources allotted for communication
4. Time Time frequency of distribution of information, time frame for receipt of information and response
5. Human Resources Persons responsible communicating information
6 Persons responsible for authorizing release of confidential information
7. Persons who will receive information
8. Communications Information flow within the project
9. Reason for distribution of information
10. Methods or technologies used for communication
11. Methods for updating and refining communication plan
12. Stakeholder Stakeholder communication requirements
13. EEFs, OPAs Constraints derived from regulation, technology, or organizational policies

As you can see, the communications knowledge area intersects with a lot of other knowledge areas, and this chart shows this interaction.   The communications management plan should include guidelines and templates for project team meetings, virtual meetings, and e-mail communications.

The main purpose of the communications management plan is to be a reference for the two processes to follow, process 10.2 Manage Communications in the Executing Process Group and 10.3 Control Communications in the Monitoring & Controlling Process Group.

The next post will be on the next process 10.2 Manage Communications.

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