My interest in blogging grew out of my interest in Integral Theory and its application to various problems that affect the planet.   Learning to view these problems according to the Integral Model is the first step in creating effective solutions.   I use this blog in my profession as a project manager to help run study groups for those who are preparing for project management certification exams.  I am a firm believer in lifelong learning and would also like to use this blog as a thoughtspace for notes on the various great courses from the Teaching Company as well as lessons learned from my experience as a Toastmaster.

6 Responses

  1. Really like your posts on Integral Theory — v much the way I think.

    • I’ve been following your discussions on the situation in Syria and that is an excellent example of a global problem which requires different perspectives in order to come up with an effective solution.

  2. Great blog! Rich in content. Is there a way to contact you via email?

  3. Great to be here.
    Ken Wilber Biography Project

  4. Hi

    I find this Blog veryuseful . I am starting self study for CAPM exam. I would be happy, if you could share your email address. I need your help in some areas which I find it diffcult to understand.

    Thank You

  5. enjoyed finding and sharing your PMBOK5 blog. Please contact me via email about possibly publishing one of your past blogs in a technical journal.

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