Six Sigma Green Belt—Team Tool #1: Multivoting

We’re coming to the end of the material in the Green Belt Body of Knowledge under the Define portion of the DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) methodology of Six Sigma.  This series of posts covers various brainstorming tools used  by teams such as multivoting, nominal group technique, and force field analysis.

Here are the steps of multivoting. You first create a list of ideas (blue), then you vote on them in a series of rounds (green), and then you take the final results, announce them and discuss them (red).

1. Brainstorm Generate a list of items to be considered using a brainstorming technique. Record the items on a whiteboard, flipchart, or other surface so members can see it.


2. Review & Combine Review each item so group understands it. If there are any items that are similar, combine them if group agrees.



3. Number Once items have been combined, number them in a list for voting purposes.
4. Decide Vote Method Group decides on voting method. Typically, each person gets to vote for 1/3 of the total number of items in list.



5. Conduct Vote Each person votes for items he or she considers most important in list.


6. Tally Vote Tally the amount of votes and list items in terms of number of votes cast.


7. Reduce Items Select items based on voting criteria. Some groups only choose those items voted on by at least half of the participants. Some groups eliminate the three least-voted items.
Redo steps 5, 6, and 7 with continuously shrinking list of items until only four or five items remain.
8. Announce Results Announce final four or five ideas that remain after multivoting process complete.


9. Discuss Results Discuss final list of items. Conduct a group discussion to decide which of the final ideas should receive top priority. Or conduct one last round of votes to see which item is the priority item.

The purpose of this team approach is to achieve a consensus of which items have a priority based on the opinions of those on the team.

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