Blogging Plan for 2013: Familiar Territory & Expanding Horizons

Happy 2013 to all bloggers and blog readers!

Stephen Fry once thought that Amazon and Netflix, rather than offering you similar choices to one you have just purchased or rented, should offer you something that is the exact opposite how your normal tastes run in order to expand your perspective.

I was putting together a plan for the coming year in general about what topics to cover on my blog, and I realized that I would like to combine the approach of doing something similar to what I was doing and what Stephen Fry suggested. Besides writing on the technical subjects of project management and Six Sigma, I want to write on the opposite side of my brain and include more about the liberal arts subjects I missed studying as an undergraduate to become an engineer.

I’ve already written about the first three areas listed below heavily in 2012, and plan to expand my posts to include more on the last three areas in 2013.

Area Examples
1. Project Management, Six Sigma PMBOK Guide 5th edition detailed summary,

Six Sigma Green Belt contents summary

2. Global Affairs Webinars by Economist Intelligence Unit on global hot spots, World Economic Forum Global Risks Survey, Global Trends 2030 Report
3. Toastmasters

(public speaking, leadership)

Topics related to public speaking and leadership from various speeches, conferences and contests in Toastmasters International
4. Integral Theory Core Integral Theory course, review of SES and other classics by Ken Wilber
5. Liberal Arts Teaching Company courses on history of literature, religion, philosophy, and US History
6. Books, Movies Develop reading program and do more book reviews and occasional movie reviews

Occasionally, another topic will come up like the topic of exercise, or some other topic that relates to me personally, but I hope the mix will go from narrower to a wider range as 2013 progresses.

Part of my reason for expanding my blog posts is not just because I am interested in those areas, but in those “test posts” I have done by putting sample posts on the subject online on my blog, I have gotten positive feedback in the form of those who have gone and read them.

Another reason for writing the posts is make me a better writer, but in a blog format that allows illustrations, charts, tables, and sometimes even maps to illustrate my point. It will be just about three months when I come up on my first year of blogging and I intend to keep busy producing content that is not only for my own use and enjoyment, but which will hopefully be useful (and enjoyable) for others as well.

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