5th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Chapter 3: Project Management Processes (overview)


In the second chapter of the PMBOK® Guide describes the organizational environment in which the project is performed, and describes how the project can be split up into phases for better control and management of deliverables.

The third chapter of the PMBOK® Guide starts to get into the project management process itself through a discussion of the project management processes. Here are the sections of Chapter 3.

Chapter Subsection Category
3.1 Common Project Management Process Interactions Introduction
3.2 Project Management Process Groups Process Groups
3.3 Initiating Process Group
3.4 Planning Process Group
3.5 Executing Process Group
3.6 Monitoring & Controlling Process Group
3.7 Closing Process Group
3.8 Project Information Information Theory
3.9 Role of the Knowledge Areas Knowledge Areas

As you can see by the list, after the general introduction, a majority of time is spent on how processes are divided up into 5 process groups. There is a brief discursion into information theory as relates to project management, and then there is a brief discussion on the role of the 10 knowledge areas. Although knowledge areas are the other major “dimension” that processes are divided up into besides the process groups, they are not given much discussion in chapter 3 for the simple fact that each subsequent chapter of the PMBOK® Guide from Chapter 4 through 13 will, in turn, cover one of those 10 knowledge areas.

That is why the emphasis is on the process groups for the most part in this chapter. As opposed to the 4th Edition PMBOK® Guide that had all the details of the processes within each process group listed in Chapter 3, this detailed listing of the processes has been moved in the 5th Edition PMBOK® to Appendix A.

So when you read chapter 3 of the PMBOK® Guide, you should not be aiming to memorizing all the processes. You should be working on memorizing the 5 process groups and 10 knowledge areas, and then memorize the processes gradually as you are introduced to them within each knowledge area as you go through chapters 4 through 13.

On Monday, February 4th, I will start going through the sections of chapter 3 listed above in more detail.


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