5th Edition PMBOK® Guide—Elements of Process 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work

In the last post, I reviewed the inputs, tools & techniques, and outputs of Process 4.3 Direct and Manage Project Work in the Executing Process Group. Here are some of the elements of that work, broken down into which knowledge area or subsidiary plan they are most closely related to.

Knowledge Area


1. Integration DIRECT AND MANAGE PROJECT WORK—means integrating the following activities related to all other knowledge areas and subsidiary plans.
2. Scope Create project deliverables to meet the planned project work.
3. Time Perform activities to accomplish project objectives.
4. Cost Obtain, manage and use resources including materials, tools, equipment, and facilities.
5. Quality Implement planned methods and standards.
6. Human Resources Provide, train and manage team members assigned to the project.
7. Communications Establish and manage proper communication channels, both external and internal to the project team.
Communications Generate work performance data, such as cost, schedule, technical and quality progress, and status to facilitate forecasting.
8. Risk Manage risks and implement risk activities.
9. Procurements Manage sellers and suppliers.
10. Stakeholders Manage stakeholders and their engagement.
11. Change Issue change requests and implement approved changes to the project’s scope, plans, and environment.
12. Process Improvement Collect and document lessons learned and implement approved process improvement activities.

As you can see, the reason why this process is in the Integration Knowledge Area is because it integrates the activities that cover essentially all the other knowledge areas, plus the subsidiary plans of Change Management and Process Improvement Management, which have their own plans under the Project Management Plan although they do not have their own knowledge area.

The next post will cover process 4.4 Monitor and Control Project Work, the fourth out of six processes in the Integration Knowledge Area.

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