5th Edition PMBOK® Guide: Chapter 5—Requirements Management Plan

The process 5.1 Plan Scope Management has the purpose of creating a framework for most of the other scope management processes. Four of these processes (5.3 through 5.6) are reflected in the Scope Management Plan, and one of them 5.2 Collect Requirements is reflected in another project management plan, the Requirements Management Plan.

The purpose of this post is to outline the elements of the Requirements Management Plan as laid out by the PMBOK® Guide.

Element of Requirements Management Plan Explanation
1. Requirements activities management Manages how these activities will be planned, tracked, and reported 
2. Configuration management activities
  • How changes to the product will be initiated
  • How they will be traced, tracked, and reported
  • Authorization levels required to approve changes
3. Requirements prioritization process If two or more requirements are in conflict, which receive priority? 
4. Products metrics Which metrics will be used and why? 
5. Traceability structure Which requirement attributes will be captured on the traceability matrix?

So the two project management plans, the Scope Management Plan and the Requirements Management Plan, are the outputs of the process 5.1 Plan Scope Management.

The next post will describe the next scope management process, 5.2 Collect Requirements.


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  1. Hi Sir,

    This blog has been extremely helpful in clearing the PMP concepts.A great attempt from your part.Can you please explain how the configuration management activities are included in the requirements management plan?It should be in the configuration management plan??

    Thanks in advance

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