#FSI Language Courses Are Restored!

On March 3rd I wrote a blog post about the fact that the Foreign Service Institute language courses website fsi-language-courses.org was down.  I found I was not alone in noticing this and missing the access to these courses that were in the public domain.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had used the Advanced courses for various European languages and was now going through the various modules of the Standard Chinese: A Modular Approach course.

Jennifer Wagner at the website ielanguages.com commented on my blog today telling me that the foreign languages, including the audio files, were now available at a site called fsi.antibozo.net.

I checked this site out, and it is true that the courses and audio files are all there from the original FSI site. I’m putting this blog post out as a public service to those who had linked to my recent blog post lamenting the disappearance of these courses.

I just linked to the site and downloaded the files for the Module 4 of the Standard Chinese course, and was preparing to do some housework while listening to the files. I find that, besides language learning, the audio files for the course are great for practicing in the following situations:

  1. Commuting—I live in LA where the daily commute is one of the banes of our existence. However, if you listen to FSI language course audio files and practice them while you drive, the drudgery of waiting in traffic goes away. And if you do get frustrated, you now have the choice of another language in which to curse at the other drivers!
  1. Housework—Another task that is necessary but boring is housework. I have found that if I schedule myself to complete one audio tape while doing housework, that it causes me to get the work done more efficiently because my mind is occupied with language learning and doesn’t have any mental room left to complain about what I have to do.
  1. DMV and other bureaucracies—When you have to wait in line at a government office, or a doctor’s office, just plug in your iPhone and practice your language while you are waiting to be called. The time goes by so much more quickly that way!

These are just some ways that you can carve time into your day for language learning, which so many of my friends say they want to do, but they can’t because they don’t have it. If you don’t have the time, create it!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Jerome,
    Thank you for the update. Just so you and your readers know, the files have also been put on the web at:


    You can also download them all there. They have been put up on a web template, so it may be a bit easier for people to navigate. I hope that helps.

    • Thanks so much for not only restoring the language courses, but “dusting off the shelves” as it were to make the site look a bit less “utilitarian” and more pleasing to the eye. Thanks so much!

      • My pleasure Jerome.

        I should have everything up by this Friday, April 12th (have about 85% of them up as of today). I am also working on making the books into full webpages (Have Spanish Basic 1,2, and 3 almost done and should be up in 2 months or so) so people can read them online with audios integrated in. But that will take some time to do all of them as it is very time consuming.

        I hope it helps.

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