5th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Chapter 5: Validate Scope

One quick post I wanted to add about the process 5.5. Validate Scope is that in the 4th Edition PMBOK® Guide, the process of checking whether deliverables meet the acceptance criteria is called something different whether it is

–the internal checking within the project done as part of Quality Management, or

–the external checking with the customer or sponsor as part of Scope Management.

  Knowledge Area 4th Edition

PMBOK® Guide

5th Edition

PMBOK® Guide

Internal checking Quality Validate Scope Verify Scope
External checking Scope Verify Scope Validate Scope


In the 4th Edition, the first is referred to as validating the scope, and checking with the customer is verifying the scope.

Unfortunately, in the 5th Edition, the definitions are switched around.  The internal checking is referred to as verifying the scope, and checking with the customer is validating the scope.

I normally don’t like to compare the two different versions of definitions from the 4th and 5th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide, to avoid confusion, but in this case I thought it was important because those who are studying for the 5th Edition test might be taught by somebody who learned from an earlier edition, and you need to know that the earlier terminology is out there.  So be forewarned!


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