My One-Year Blogiversary

On April 9, 2012 I embarked on a quest to produce an article or “blog post” every day for an entire year.    I have done so for the past year, and now have 29,000+ viewers of my blog from over 120 countries to my credit.    What did I envision for the blog at the start?   What has changed in my vision since then?   And what do I foresee doing on my blog in the future?

1.  My blog at the start

I had an idea of my blog being a public journal.   I have kept a private journal for almost as long as I was in college, and it has served as my dream journal, planning journal, and in general my attempt to mine words for inspiration and then to record the inspiration when it comes.

But these are private thoughts; what did I want to transmit in a public space like a blog?   It was partially a utilitarian purpose because I was taking a class about project management and I wanted my blog to contain notes about the topics we were studying so that the study group I was organizing would have access to them when they couldn’t make our weekly study sessions.

However, I also had the idea that I would try blogging not just about foreign languages, but eventually IN foreign languages as well.   This has never satisfactorily worked out because I find that I could not have a separate blog page, one for each language I was studying, as I had envisioned.   If I put random pages in different languages interspersed among all the pages in English, I thought that might be confusing for my readers.   So I eventually dropped that idea–but am willing to entertain it again in the future if an opportunity presents itself.

I also wanted to discuss topics I was interested in, particular those having to do with global issues that I felt were important.   Toastmasters is an organization I have come to really be heavily involved in and it was often a subject of some blog posts.    A book review or movie review were things I would do once and awhile, as well as summaries of lectures I was listening to on various topics.    There are webinars that I listen to and summarize as well.

2.  My blog at present

I am doing a survey of the 5th Edition PMBOK Guide as part of a project to update the Project Management Institute of Orange County’s PMP/CAPM certification prep class workshops, and that occupies most of the current posts.   On the weekend, I take a break and blog about other topics.   Last week, however, I took the longest break I’ve ever done regarding project management topics because I was traveling across 2,000 miles from Los Angeles to Chicago, but will resume tomorrow now that my internet service has been established in my new place of residence.

But I foresee a continuation of the project management posts until I finish going through the 5th Edition of the PMBOK Guide.   This blog is my way of really getting to understand the material so that I can help the new students taking our classes to pass the new version of the PMP or CAPM exam.

3.  My blog in the future

However, when the 5th Edition is done, I would like to complete my survey of the quality control-related material in the Six Sigma curriculum that I started on in November and December of last year.   I want to study the global risk report when it comes out of the World Economic Forum held in Davos earlier this year.

I will certainly continue to write about Toastmasters, various global issues, and various other personal interests of mine.  But I really think I need to discipline myself to read more books and do more book reviews.   That would help not only me but those who are interested in the book to understand it more thoroughly.

I think doing this would also improve my writing ability as well as my ability to illustrate my words with images and pictures that add to the understanding and not detract from it.

But I do need to sit down and add tags and categories so that it is easier to find and cross-reference my blog posts.  I owe it to those who make it a point to read my blog and for those future readers who will be brought to it by those very same tags.

To paraphrase Robert Heinlein, “The Blog is a Harsh Mistress.”   Having the will to sit and compose an entire blog post every single day is a tremendous discipline that I have sought after and have succeeded in accomplishing.   But creating a discipline is just the first step in having the discipline to create.   That’s what I want to succeed in doing in the future…


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