5th Edition PMBOK® Guide—Chapter 9: Process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management

1.  Introduction

The first out of four human resource-related processes is a planning process, and it is used to develop the Human Resource Management Plan.

2.  Inputs, Tools & Techniques, and Outputs

The output of this process is the Human Resource Management Plan, of course.  The inputs come from other parts of the Project Management Plan, as well as the various human resource related policies and guidelines that the organization follows, either to be compliant with various laws and regulations or as a reflection of the organization’s own culture.


1. Project Management Plan Used to develop the Human Resource Management Plan
2. Activity resource requirements These determine the human resource needs for the project.
3. EEFs
  • Organizational culture and structure
  • Existing human resources
  • Personnel administration policies
4. OPAs
  • Organizational standard processes, policies, role descriptions
  • Templates for organization charts, position descriptions
  • Lessons learned on previous projects
  • Escalation procedures for handling issues
1. Organizational charts and position descriptions These document the team member roles and responsibilities.
2. Networking Formal and informal interaction with others in an organization
3. Organizational theory Provides information on how people, teams, and organizations behave
4. Expert judgment Used in developing human resource management plan
5. Meetings Allows project team members to get consensus on implementing human resource management plan
1. Human Resource Management Plan Provides guidance on how project human resources are to managed.


The tools & techniques of human resource management vary from organizational theory, to the practical tools of organizational charts.   Expert judgment and meetings, two tools that are used in many planning processes, are also present here.

Next week I will start going into the elements of the Human Resource Management Plan.


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