5th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Chapter 10: Communications and Change Requests

1.  Introduction

The third communications management process, process 10.3 Manage Communications, may generate change requests as an output.   The purpose of this post is to talk about the kinds of changes that may fall under this category of outputs.

2.  Types of Change Requests

Although the need for changes may become apparent as part of the Control Communications process, the type of change requests may have to do with another knowledge area entirely.   Here’s a list of the types of change requests that may occur as a result of the process, organized by knowledge area to which they pertain.

  Knowledge Area Change request type
1. Integration Adjustment of project management plan
2. Corrective actions
3. Preventive actions
4. Time Activity sequences
5. Cost Schedule dates
6. New or revised cost estimates
7. HR Resource requirements
8. Risk Analysis of risk response alternatives

Most of these are self-explanatory, but I wanted to explain corrective actions and preventive actions in a little more detail.    These types of actions are suggested if the future performance of the project is forecast to be different than the performance baseline.    

Corrective actions are those that change the current situation in order to bring the future performance of the project back in line with the performance baseline in the project management plan.

Preventive actions are those that reduce the probability of future negative performance relative to the performance baseline.

Of course, no matter what knowledge area the change requests pertain to in terms of their content, the process they go through is the same one:  process 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control in the Integration Knowledge Area.

This concludes my survey of the processes in Communications Management under chapter 10 of the 5th Edition PMBOK® Guide.   Tomorrow I will start my survey of chapter 11, the chapter on Risk Management.

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