Climate Reality Leadership Corps–now training in Chicago!

Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore presented his award-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth in 2006.    He has recently organized a Climate Reality Leadership Corps, the purpose of which is to give those in the leadership program the information they need to present the realities of climate change to various groups within their communities.    It will be similar to an updated version of An Inconvenient Truth containing all the latest research  that has occurred in the past 7 years.

Training is going on from July 30, August 1, 2013 in Chicago for those who have applied for the leadership program.   The reason why I’m writing a blog post about this is because of the members of my church, Jeff Green, has been selected to be one of the participants in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps.   He is going to attend the two-day workshop and then present the results of the leadership workshop to our church.     He is now looking for venues in the South Suburban Chicago area to show his presentation to, and I plan to assist him in doing this.

The focus of the Climate Reality Presentations that will be done by members of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps will be to focus on local impacts that Climate Change will have on the local environment and the economy.    This is going to be excellent experience in contacting the various constituencies that will be impacted by climate change and to make them aware of the latest information which can be used to mitigate the risks that this will create.

By decentralizing the information, Al Gore is using the power of social media and networking to get the message across, and it should prove to be an exciting endeavor.    It’s so compelling a subject that I cannot NOT get involved, let’s put it that way!



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