5th Edition PMBOK® Guide—Stakeholder Management Plan

1.  Introduction

The output of process 13.2 Plan Stakeholder Management, is the Stakeholder Management Plan.  The purpose of this post is to list the elements of that plan, by taking the list that occurs in the PMBOK® guide and organizing the elements by knowledge area.

2.  Stakeholder Management Plan

  Category Element Description
1. Integration Method for updating stakeholder management plan, including review of the validity of underlying assumptions
2. Scope Impact of any changes in scope on stakeholders
3. Time Frequency of distribution of information to stakeholders
4. Communication Communication requirements for stakeholders
5. Information to be distributed to stakeholders:  language, format, content, level of detail
6. Reason for distribution of information to stakeholders and expected impact on engagement level
7.. Stakeholder Current and desired engagement level of stakeholders
8. Interrelationships, potential overlap between stakeholders

As you can see from the elements of the Stakeholder Management Plan, many of the elements deal with the communication knowledge area.  This is understandable since Stakeholder Management used to be considered part of the Communications Management knowledge area in previous editions of the PMBOK® Guide, but has become a separate knowledge area in the 5th Edition.

Also, you can see that scope is important, in that any proposed changes have to include their projected impact on stakeholders.  In addition, any change proposed changes from stakeholders must include their projected impact on the other stakeholders.

Finally, there is provision in the plan for revision to the Stakeholder Management Plan if certain changes occur on the project which may alter the engagement level of any, or all, of the stakeholders.

The next post will discuss the inputs, tools & techniques, and outputs of the next process, 13.3 Manage Stakeholders.


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