The Logical Framework Approach to Strategic Project Management

On November 1st, the Chicagoland Chapter of the Project Management Institute held the 3rd annual Project Development Day Event in Rolling Meadows, IL.    The title of the event was “Going beyond the Triple Constraints”, and there were 4 tracks of educational programming offered.    I was the track lead for track #3 covering stakeholder management, procurement, and risk management, and I was responsible for getting 7 speakers from a wide variety of application areas, including IT, manufacturing, construction, and transportation, as well as project management consulting firms that specialized in everything from Lean Six Sigma, public speaking/leadership principles, and strategic planning.    During the next week, I intend to give summaries of the presentations that were given at the PD Day Event.

1.  Speaker Bio

Terry Schmidt, MBA, PMP, SMP , Founder,
Terry Schmidt is an internationally known strategy expert and project management consultant who helps organizations become more purposeful, productive, and profitable. He has three decades of experience as an executive, educator, project coach, and strategist who has assisted corporations, governments, and research institutions in 36 countries worldwide. The author of seven management books, Terry earned his Aerospace Engineering BS from the University of Washington and his MBA from Harvard.
Mr. Schmidt is a Logical Framework pioneer and author of Strategic Project Management Made Simple: Practical Tools for Leaders and Teams (Wiley, 2009), the definitive book on applying the Logical Framework Approach. A dynamic keynote speaker and master seminar leader, he has taught nearly 25,000 professionals in executive programs at UCLA, MIT and elsewhere.
He is the fourth person in the world recognized as a Strategic Management Professional (SMP) by the Association for Strategic Planning.
2.  Presentation Summary
I am currently waiting for a copy of the presentation from the speaker so that I can put up a summary on this blog.   

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