Happy 60th Birthday, Homewood-Flossmoor Toastmasters Club!

In February 1954, a new chapter of the Toastmasters International Club called the Homewood-Flossmoor Toastmasters Club became club #1451.   This club in the south suburbs of Chicago is now 60 years old, and our club is celebrating tonight at an Open House!

The club is undergoing a renaissance, as we have increased our membership from 18 members to 22 members, and we are regularly sending representatives to the Area Speech Contests held once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

Our membership is not at present what you might call a “seasoned club” in that have no Distinguished Toastmasters, although I hope to have that distinction at the end of the next Toastmasters Club year.

What makes the event poignant is that earlier today, I attended a meeting of another club, the Richton Park Toastmasters Club, that had its first “demonstration” meeting.   I am a sponsor of that club, and the response we got was so enthusiastic that we may end up chartering it as a new club within a month.   So seeing a new club be born on the same day that we celebrate the “ripe old age” of my home club is a really momentous occasion.

I hope to add additional new clubs in the course of my Toastmasters career, and to contribute beyond my individual home club.   I plan to become Area Governor, and eventually get involved at the Division, District level and beyond!

I celebrate the two things that the Toastmasters International organization has given me:   the gift of being able to communicate and being able to lead.  It’s the best professional development club for the price, and I will never get tired of promoting it to others!



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