Strategic Project Management–Project Evaluation

The first part of Terry Schmidt’s book Strategic Project Management Made Simple introduces the concept of the Logical Framework Matrix and shows how it proceeds from four critical strategic questions.   The second part of his book goes into detail regarding those four critical strategic questions.   However, both of these parts of the book are essentially dealing with the initiating and planning process groups.   What about the executing and the monitoring & controlling process groups?   How can the Logical Framework Matrix be used for these processes?    That is the subject of the third part of the book. 1.  Think-Plan-Act-Access action cycle The traditional Deming project cycle is Plan-Do-Check-Act, where these phases corresponding to the project management process groups in the following way:

  • Plan–planning
  • Do–executing
  • Check–monitoring
  • Act–controlling

Terry Schmidt revises this cycle, with the phases in his cycle corresponding to the project management process groups in the following way:

  • Think–initiating (strategic/program focus)
  • Plan–planning (project focus)
  • Act–executing
  • Assess–monitoring & controlling

The three types of assessment including under the phase of “Assess” are:

  1. Project Monitoring
  2. Project Status Review
  3. Project Evaluation

This post deals with the third type of assessment, Project Evaluation, and how it is enabled by the Logical Framework Matrix.

to be continued


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