Toastmaster’s High Performance Leadership Program–Introduction

Toastmasters International has two educational programs, one with regards to communication and the other with regards to leadership.   The communications track has four levels, from the Competent Communicator to the Advanced Communicator Gold, and the leadership track has three levels, from the Competent Leader to the Advanced Leader Silver.     If you achieve the highest level on both tracks, you are eligible for the highest level of educational achievement within Toastmasters on the individual level, that of being a Distinguished Toastmaster.



The Advanced Leader Silver, the highest level on the leadership track, has three requirements:

–Serving a term as a District Officer, including being an Area Governor.

–Completion of the High Performance Leadership Program

–Serving as a Club Sponsor, Club Mentor, or Club Coach.

The purpose of this post is to discuss the second of these three requirements, namely the High Performance Leadership Program.   The program consists of completing a project with five components, which are listed below.

Part 1:  Learning About Leadership

Part 2:  Choosing Your Objective

Part 3:  Winning Commitment to Your Objective

Part 4:  Working the Plan

Part 5:  Analyzing and Presenting Your Results

The project is supervised by a Guidance Committee, who act as the sponsors of the project, give feedback regarding the skills you are developing as the project manager of your project, and monitor the progress of your project.

Tomorrow I will go into the five parts of the project, and outline the role that the project manager (you) and your sponsors (your Guidance Committee) take on in each part.



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