ESL, Foreign Language Learning, and Toastmasters (part 2)

This evening at the District 30 Toastmasters Leadership Institute I gave a presentation called “ESL, Foreign Language Learning, and Toastmasters.”    It is the official kickoff of my High Performance Leadership project for Toastmasters, which will run for one year, and will culminate in a presentation that will officially close the project in June 2015.

1.  What is a High Performance Leadership Project

This is one of the requirements for getting the Advanced Leadership Silver award, which along with the Advanced Communicator Gold award, are the two awards needed to get the final capstone of one’s individual educational and leadership training at Toastmasters International, namely, the Distinguished Toastmaster Award.

2.  What is MY HPL Project?

My HPL project consists of two projects

–one is to provide resources for English as a Second Language to the Toastmasters Clubs in District 30 (Chicagoland)

–the other is to support bilingual clubs in District 30 and to create new ones

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