The Daily Evolver

Ever since July, with a full-time job and other responsibilities, I have not given myself time for reading anything inspirational.   However, I get regular e-mails from the Integral Life website, a website devoted to Integral Theory, the philosophy of great synthetic power made popular by Ken Wilber.

Periodically I would get e-mails regarding a podcast by Jeff Salzman called The Daily Evolver, and I resolved that some day I would take time out to listen to one of them.   I didn’t have time to read about integral theory, I thought, but I could at least listen to a podcast, especially during my commute or other times when I am occupied with going from point A to point B and need something to occupy my mind during the journey.   But I kept putting it off until recently when there was a topic which grabbed myself and so I listened to one of them and … I was hooked!

I decided to go back and listen to all of the podcasts that were available from the very beginning.

Jeff Salzmann has two kinds of podcasts, one of which I refer to as the ascending current, where he has a conversation with Dr. Keith Witt, an integral psychoanalyst who is knowledgeable about the latest research in neurobiology.   He and Dr. Witt have conversations about integral theory and psychology in a segment he calls “The Shrink and the Pundit.”

Then there are the podcasts that I refer to as the descending current, and these are where Jeff Salzmann takes some topic fresh from the news headlines and analyzes it according to integral theory.   Both of these podcasts are illuminating, and I have enjoyed both of them.

They have, in fact, inspired me to do something I said I didn’t have time to do, namely, read more about integral theory.   I am now reading A Brief History of Everything, and introduction to integral theory written by Ken Wilber in a breezy, conversational style.   And how did I find the time?   I made the time, which you can always do if you are passionate about something.

And that passion was rekindled by Jeff Saltmann and his Daily Evolver podcast, for which I am very grateful.   It gives a zest to life to be able to see life from a 10,000 foot altitude and then drop down into its midst again, recharged by the expansive vision you have just seen of the surrounding landscape.

So if you want a chance to see how integral theory illuminates everything from the exterior world of politics to the interior world of psychology, then listen to The Daily Evolver.


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