Agile PM Process Grid–Central Feature List

John Stenbeck in his book “PMI-ACP Exam Prep PLUS Desk Reference”, he creates an agile project management process grid with 87 processes divided into 5 process groups and 7 knowledge areas.

The block of processes I am covering now are those in the Planning process group and the “Value-Driven Delivery” knowledge area.   The first process is the creation of Release and Iteration Plans, but before these plans are created, the agile team needs to construct a central feature list.

Product features may come from a number of sources, such as

  • end users
  • functional business units
  • internal and external stakeholders
  • requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • development team members
  • senior management
  • competitors
  • government regulations

In creating the list, the project team needs to create some boundaries regarding what is allowed to be on the list, so features that are impossible or are described in an overly vague way are not allowed to appear.

A central feature list may be considered as a “superset” of features to be used for planning the release and first iteration.   It represents what a product could  become over several releases.    It is not written in stone; rather, it is a living document which is dynamic and evolves from iteration to iteration.

If, for example, new features are identified after the first iteration, then the additional critical features identified by the customer/proxy are folded into the evolving release plan.

The process of creating Release and Iteration Plans will be divided into the next two posts to discuss the Release Plans first and then the Iteration Plans.


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