Agile PM Process Grid–3.6 Iteration Backlog

In this series of posts, I’m discussing those processes that are related to the “Adaptive Planning” knowledge area.   The last process was 3.5 User Stories and today’s post is 3.6 Iteration Backlog.

The goal of iteration planning is to take the group of user stories in the product backlog and choose a subset that the team can complete by the end of the iteration.

Who makes the decision about what’s going to go into the iteration?  That’s the result of negotiation between the team and the customer/proxy.   The customer/proxy will be arguing for the largest number of user stories to be put in the iteration, whereas the team will more conservative in their estimation of the number of user stories for the obvious reason that they will be doing the work.

Once the result of the negotiation is complete, however, a reciprocal commitment is made:   the team commits to completing the user stories specified in the iteration backlog, and the customer/proxy commits to not adding new stories or changing the priority of the stories in the current iteration.

For the user stories to be complete, the customer/proxy and the team have to agree upon what the “definition of done” is so that they is no room for ambiguity.   That is the subject of the next post.


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