Agile PM Process Grid–6.7 Review Meeting

In the last post, I discussed one of three types of meetings that need to be during each Iteration, namely, the Daily Stand-Up Meeting, which as the name implies is done during each day of the iteration cycle

At the end of each iteration cycle, however, there are two meetings that need to be held:

  1. the review meeting, which is product-centric, and
  2. the retrospective meeting, which is process-centric.

This post will cover the Review Meeting.   This actually requires little preparation, because only those products which have been completed, tested, and internally verified to meet the acceptance criteria are demonstrated at the review meeting.

Besides showing the work that was completed during the iteration, the team also discloses work that was expected to be completed by the end of the iteration, but was not.

The stakeholders have a chance to ask questions and interact with the work products.   Optionally, the team may present a review of iteration performance metrics, basically to demonstrate that the client or customer is getting its money’s worth on the project.   But the proof, as always, is in the product, and that remains the focus of the review meeting.

The results of the meeting are as follows.

  1. Feedback on the product
  2. Potential updates to the product backlog
  3. Potential updates to the release plan.

The next post covers the process-centric meeting, the retrospective meeting.




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