Agile PM Process Grid–7.5 Metric Tracking

In John Stenbeck’s book “PMI-ACP and Certified Scrum Professional Exam Prep and Desk Reference”, he creates an “agile project management process grid” which describes 87 processes used in agile project management.   These processes are divided into five process groups (Initiate, Plan, Iterate, Control, and Close), which are analogous to the five process groups in traditional project management, and seven knowledge areas which can be mapped, more or less, onto the ten knowledge areas in traditional project management.

In process 7.4, I discussed the process of Metric Definition, which is set up during the Planning phase of the project.   In the Iterate phase, it is necessary to track the metrics that were set up in process 7.4.   This is the process 7.5 Metric Tracking.

The team must help set up the metrics, and then once they are set up, to have the discipline to track performance against those metrics.   Many of these metrics will be the data points to be discussed during the Review and Retrospective meetings, and the better the data, the better the discussion at those meetings.

This discipline forms the daily practice of continuous improvement on a project, which should always be a goal in an agile project.

The next post starts the Controlling phase of a project.



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