Agile PM Process Grid-2.11 Product Feedback

John Stenbeck’s book “PMI-ACP and Certified Scrum Professional Exam Prep and Desk Reference”, he creates an “agile project management process grid” which describes 87 processes used in agile project management.   These processes are divided into five process groups (Initiate, Plan, Iterate, Control, and Close), which are analogous to the five process groups in traditional project management, and seven knowledge areas which can be mapped, more or less, onto the ten knowledge areas in traditional project management.

I am now covering the set of processes done in the control process group of an agile project, specifically those processes that have to do with the knowledge area of Value-Driven Delivery (equivalent to the “Quality” knowledge area in traditional waterfall project management).

In the last process 1.11 Product Demonstration, a validation process is done prior to a Release of the project.   Thus it has the same goal as a Review meeting, but is obviously at a higher level of importance because it is done prior to the Release of the product to the public.

Well, if you show the stakeholders the product, there are two possible reactions:

  • hey, that’s just what we asked for!
  • wait a minute, that’s not exactly what we asked for

And I suppose a third possibility is, “hey, that’s just what we asked for before, but since then we’ve changed our minds.”   In any case, if there are certain features of the product which do NOT meet the satisfaction of the stakeholders, then the process 2.11 Product Feedback gives the stakeholders the chance to stake specifically what needs to be changed in order to meet their expectations.

This will send the team back to revise the product according to the new shared understanding of the requirements as set forth by the customer and interpreted by the team.

The next post will go to the next knowledge area, that of Adaptive Planning, to see what takes place in an agile project during the control process group that is related to that area.






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