Agile PM Process Grid–3.20 Information Radiators Monitoring

This post covers the process that monitors during the Control process group the information radiators set up in process 6.4 Information Radiator in the Planning process group.

Those things which are monitored through information radiators during the Control process group include:

  • critical issues
  • status of each backlog item
  • status of testing

How useful is the information in the information radiators?   Obviously in order to be useful it might be accurate and timely.  The team should observe how often stakeholders are viewing the information and whether the information prompts insightful dialogue, even asking the stakeholders which pieces of information in the information radiators they end up following most closely.

By prompting dialogue with the stakeholders, information radiators can deliver both control AND flexibility on the project level.

The next post covers 4.9 Task Board/Burn Down Charts Updates, a process done during the Control process group based on the processes 3.15 Burtn Down Charts and 3.16 Task/Kanban Boards set up in the Iterate process group.



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