2016 Region 2 Spring PMI Leadership Institute Meeting –Day Two

Both today (Friday, April 22, 2016) and tomorrow morning the Project Management Institute (PMI) is holding a Leadership Institute Meeting for Region 2 (Midwest US and Canada) in Oak Brook, IL, a northwest suburb of Chicago.

In my previous post, I went through the topic of the first day, which was Member Value and Growth.   The biggest takeaway that I got from that day’s discussion with our counterparts in the 21 chapters that were part of the Region 2 meeting was that our members are our customers, and customer satisfaction should be on the strategic plan of every chapter.

The second day focused more on what I would call the business owner, or in this case, PMI Global.    There was a presentation on a (short) history of the growth of PMI Global, and then a list of a lot of the resources that I frankly was only vaguely aware of, like the PMI Strategic Plan at the PMI website, and ProjectManagement.Com, a virtual library of resources for project management practitioners to use and webinars, etc., to learn from.

Then, to wrap up the meeting, we had everyone have a chance to relate an “a-ha” moment of something valuable we learned.

For me, it wasn’t a realization I took away as much as feeling of connection.   I went into the Region 2 conference wanting to know on a practical level information that would help to perform my role better.   However, I got much more than that:   I got a sense of being connected and center.   Connected, because I felt I was connected laterally to those in other chapters and vertically to PMI Global.    Centered, because I knew that my efforts in my position at PMI Chicagoland do have an effect on the health and growth of my chapter.   I’m not alone in the fight!

My thanks go out to Amy Martin, Jim Karthan, and all of the chapter volunteers who put on the Region 2 conference.   It was my first time, but definitely not my last time, going to such an event!


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