District 30 Toastmasters South Division Action Plan

At last Saturday’s Spring Conference for District 30 Chicagoland of Toastmasters International, I was elected to be the South Division Director.

In an earlier post, I talked about the best ways to prepare for being a Division Director, but now that my desire has become a reality, I need to put down my action plan for making sure that I am both effective (doing the right thing) and efficient (doing things right) in the Division Director position.   These are all to be accomplished in the month of May and June, the bulk of the plan being done this month.

We had a surprise handed to us at the South Division because of another area that was added in the week before the Spring Conference making the South Division have a total of 7 areas, as opposed to the other divisions which have only 6 areas at most.

1.  Select Area Directors–S51 through S55 already selected

1.1  Select Area Director for S56

1.2  Select Area Director for S57

2.   Interview Outgoing Area Directors for SWOT analysis of Areas

3.   Interview Incoming Area Directors for skills, personality assessment (Myers/Briggs)

4.  Submit Area Director list to incoming District Director for approval

5.   Setup South Division folder on Google Drive or Office 365, create subfolders for each area

5.1  Give access to each Area Director to South Division folder

6.   Get District calendar deadlines from incoming District Director

7.   Setup planning retreat in May for Incoming Area Directors and Outgoing Area Directors

7.1   Decide date, venue based on availability of Area Directors

7.2   Create or buy planning materials (markers, post-it notes, etc.) for planning retreat

8.    Ask Area Directors to get assistant(s) for position

This is a living document–I intend to let my Assistant Division Director review it, and then we’ll start putting deadlines on it by this Friday, 5/6/2016.



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