6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 4.7 Close Project or Phase: Inputs

This process is the final process you will do as a project manager on a project.   If it is the last process, what is the next to last process.   That is process 5.5 Validate Scope, where you take your final deliverable and show it to the customer for final, formal appearance.  If and only if that deliverable is accepted, does the project enter the “close project”  process.

Let’s go over the numerous inputs to this process.

4.7.1  Close Project or Phase:  Inputs  Project Charter

This should contain the project success criteria, and who signs off on the project (usually the project sponsor).  Project Management Plan

The project work was done based on the project management plan, which is also an input to the process. Project Documents

There are many project documents that are inputs to this process.   The entire list is in the PMBOK Guide, but the most important are:

  • Quality control measurements–this demonstrates compliance with the quality requirements.
  • Requirements documentation–used to demonstrate compliance with the project scope.  Accepted Deliverables

These are the outputs of the process 5.5 Validate Scope.   It is important that the deliverables are accepted formally, i.e, in writing, in order to avoid any possibility for miscommunication.  Business documents

These are inputs to the process 4.1 Develop Project Charter.

  • Business case–justifies the project by documenting the business need and the cost benefit analysis associated with the project.
  • Benefits management plan–ensures that the benefits created by the project will continue beyond the lifetime of that project. Agreements

These contracts with other companies contains the formal closure of procurements that were created by those companies and used on the project.  Procurement Documentation

This documentation is used, together with the contracts (= agreements) themselves, to demonstrate that all procurements are properly closed.  Organizational Process Assets

Here are some of the organization standards, processes and procedures that may be inputs to this process.

  • Project closure guidelines or requirements
  • Configuration management knowledge base (contains baselines and all versions of organizational standards and policies)

The next post will cover the tools & techniques involved in this process.


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