6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 4.7 Close Project or Phase: Outputs

This process is the final process you will do as a project manager on a project.   This post will cover the outputs of the process.

4.7.3 Close Project or Phase:  Outputs Project Documents Updates

The most important project document to be updated will be the lessons learned register, which may include information on:

  • Benefits management (making sure benefits of project continue after long after the project is done)
  • Accuracy of the business case (was the business need fulfilled by the project, did this project contribute to the strategic objectives of the organization)
  • Risk and issue management (including risk register and issue log)
  • Stakeholder engagement (including stakeholder register) Final Product, Service, or Result Transition

The product, service, or result created by the project will be handed over or transitioned to a different group or organization if it is an external project, but it will be handed over to the organization itself in the case of an internal project.  Final Report

This is a report on the success of the project based on the success criteria set forth in the project charter, which may be based on  scope, schedule, cost and quality objectives.  Organizational Process Asset Updates

  • Project documents–the entire project management plan may be used to update the procedures, processes and guidelines of the organization
  • Lessons learned repository–the lessons learned register for the project will be added to the organization-wide document called the lessons learned respository.
  • Project closure documents–customer acceptance document from the Validate Scope process will be transferred to the document database of the organization
  • Operational and support documents–documents which help to maintain, operate, and support the product or service delivered by the project.

This is it for the Integration Management knowledge area!   The next post will start the Scope Management knowledge area with the first process, 5.1 Plan Scope Management.


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