6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 6.3 Sequence Activities: Outputs

The outputs to the Process 6.3 Sequence Activities are the project schedule network diagram and updates to the project documents such as the activity list and activity attributes.   Let’s discuss these outputs in this post.

6.3.3  Sequence Activities:  Outputs  Project Schedule Network Diagram

This is a diagram that looks like a flowchart; it graphically represents the logical relationships between activities by having lines and arrows connecting the activities represented by rectangular boxes called nodes.   An example of such a project schedule network diagram is given on p. 193 of the 6th Edition of the PMBOK® Guide.  Project Document Updates  Activity List

The activity list is the result of the technique of decomposition applied to the work packages of the WBS.   The work packages are things, tangible or otherwise, and so are nouns, whereas activities are the work required to completed those work packages, and so are verbs.   The activities list was created as an output to process 6.2 Define Activities.   The associated list of activity attributes may be updated as an output of this process.  Activity Attributes

Activity attributes are associated with each activity in the activity list; the activity attributes that may be added after this process include:

  • any activities that describe a necessary sequence (mandatory dependencies)
  • defined predecessor/successor relationships among activities (usually FS or “Finish-to-Start if otherwise unspecified; any unusual activity sequences such as SS “Start-to-Start” or FF “Finish-to-Finish” should be specified)
  • defined leads or lags between activities  Assumption Log

The assumptions and constraints that affect the project schedule (some of which may have been stated way back in the project charter) may be impacted by changes in the relationships between activities specified during this process.   (For example, mandatory dependencies cannot be altered as opposed to discretionary dependencies, and internal dependencies can be altered more easily as opposed to external dependencies.)  Milestone Log

Some of the specified dates for specific milestones on the project may be impacted by changes in the relationships between activities specified during this process.

Now that we know the SEQUENCE in which the activities will take, the next thing we have to determine in order to create the schedule is an estimate of the DURATION of these activities.   That is the next process 6.4 Estimate Activity Durations and is the subject of the next post.


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