6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 8.3 Control Quality: Outputs

Here are the outputs of the Control Quality process.

8.3.3 Control Quality:  Outputs Quality Control Measurements

Quality control measurements are the documented results of the activities done in the Control Quality process (data gathering, inspection, testing/product evaluations). Verified Deliverables

The goal of the control quality process is to determine the correctness of the deliverables, with “correctness” meaning whether they conform or not to the requirements set out at the beginning of the project.   If they are not in conformance, there must be changes made to make them so (see Change Requests paragraph below).   If they are in conformance, this is documented, because the next step after they are verified internally is to have them validated externally by the customer in the process 5.5 Validate Scope. Work Performance Information

The work performance data that is an input to this process is compared during this process to the quality metrics and if there is a variance, the causes of these variances, the recommendations for corrective actions, etc., are examples of work performance information that is an important output of this process.   The recommendations for corrective actions, for example, will lead to change requests (see paragraph below). Change Requests

If changes are recommended as a result of the Control Quality process that affect either the components of the project itself, these are made into change requests which then are inputs to the process 4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control, where they are analyzed, and either approved or rejected.   Occasionally, there may be changes recommended for components of the project management plan itself and/or the project documents, and these changes too are requested through the same process (see paragraphs and below) Project Management Plan Updates

Any change to the components of the project management plan, especially to the quality management plan, cause that plan to be updated after it is approved. Project Documents Updates

Project documents that are updated as a result of this process include the following:

  • Issue log–if a deliverable does not meet the quality requirements, this is documented as an issue to be resolved in the issue log.
  • Lessons learned register–the lessons learned register is updated with information on the source of quality defects (see paragraph above on “Work Performance Information”), as well as approaches that worked well during the process.
  • Risk register–if there are new risks identified during this process, especially causes of quality variance, these are recorded in the risk register and managed using the risk management process.
  • Test and evaluation documents–these documents are prepared during the Plan Quality Management process.   If as a result of the Control Quality process, modifications to these documents are recommended to make future tests more effective, then these documents are updated.

This concludes chapter 8 on quality management.   The next post will cover project resource management, which starts chapter 9 in the PMBOK® Guide.




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