6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.1 Plan Resource Management: Inputs

This post covers the inputs of the first process in the resource management knowledge area, process 9.1 Plan Resource Management.

9.1.1 Plan Resource Management:  Inputs Project Charter

The project charter, the output of process 4.1 Develop Project Charter, contains the high-level description of the end product or result of the project and the requirements that this will have to fulfill.   It also contains a list of key stakeholders and occasionally can be used to list any pre-approved resources for the project.   So, a project sponsor can specify, besides the project manager, specific project team members that the sponsor thinks would work well on the project.    This gives the project manager a lot of leverage in obtaining those resources in process 4.3 Acquire Resources. Project Management Plan

The elements of the project management plan that are potential inputs to this process include the following:

  • Quality management plan–helps define the level of resources that will be required to achieve and maintain the quality metrics for the project.
  • Scope baseline–identifies the deliverables that will require the resources to be managed in this knowledge area Project Documents

  • Project schedule–this show the timeline on the project where resources will be needed
  • Requirements documentation–the requirements will drive the need for the type and amount of resources needed for the project
  • Risk register–threats and opportunities may impact resource planning
  • Stakeholder register–Identifies those stakeholders with a particular interest or impact on the resources needed for the project. Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Organizational culture and structure (functional, project-oriented, or a matrix organization somewhere in between)
  • Marketplace conditions and geographical distribution of facilities and resource
  • Existing resources competencies and availability Organizational Process Assets

  • Human resource policies and procedures
  • Physical resource management policies, procedures, and templates
  • Safety and security policies
  • Historical information from previous, similar projects

The next post will cover the tools and techniques of this process.



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