6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.2 Estimate Activity Resources: Inputs

In this process, you estimate the team resources and the physical resources (materials, equipment, and supplies) needed to perform the project.   This process is coordinated with other planning processes, such as Estimate Costs and Estimate Schedule.

9.2.1 Estimate Activity Resources:  Inputs Project Management Plan

The components of the project management plan that are inputs to this process are:

  • Resource management plan–output of process 9.1 Plan Resource Management.  The plan will include methods for identifying and quantifying team and physical resources needed on the project.
  • Scope baseline–identifies the project and product scope need to meet the project objectives.   The purpose of this process is to estimate the resources needed to complete the scope of the project. Project Documents

These are listed alphabetically in the PMBOK® Guide, but I am grouping them based on the knowledge area they were created in.

Integration management

  • Assumption log–this may contain assumptions relating to resources, such as the availability and productivity level of the resources.

Schedule management 

  • Activity attributes–this will be where the estimates will go for the resources required for each activity on the activity list.
  • Activity list–this identifies the activities that will need resources.

Cost management

  • Cost estimates–these may affect the selection of resources depending on the cost of resources with various skill levels.

Resource management

  • Identifies the organization’s schedule so that the availability of specific resources can be identified.

Risk management

  • Risk register–this may contain risks relating to resource selection and availability.  Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Resource location, availability
  • Published estimating data regarding resources, marketplace conditions
  • Organizational culture Organizational Process Assets

  • Policies and procedures regarding team resources
  • Policies and procedures regarding physical resources
  • Historical information regarding the types of resources used for similar work on previous, similar projects.



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