6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.4 Develop Team: Outputs

Here are the outputs for the process 9.4 Develop Team.

9.4.3 Develop Team:  Outputs Team Performance Assessments

The project management team needs to assess the performance of the team at the outset and during the course of the project (in the next process 9.5 Manage Team).   The initial assessment will indicate whether there is a need for

  • Improvements in technical skills that help individuals work better to perform their assignments
  • Improvements in competencies that help team members perform better as a team (for example, during meetings)
  • Increased team cohesiveness through sharing of information and experiences

As a result of this assessment, changes may be identified for specific training or resources needed to implement the recommended improvements.  (See change requests paragraph below.)  Change Requests

If, as a result of the team performance assessment (see previous paragraph), changes are recommended for training or additional resources, then the change request is made and processed in process 4.6 Perform Integrated Change Control. Project Management Plan Updates

As a result of the team performance assessment, changes may be made not just for additional training or resources, but to the resource management plan itself. Project Documents Updates

  • Lessons learned register–if there are challenges encountered during the process of developing the team, then these lessons learned are added to the register so that approaches that worked well can be continued throughout the project, whereas approaches that did not work well can be avoided.
  • Project schedule–if additional training is indicated as a result of reviewing the team performance assessment (see paragraph, then the activities for that additional training are added to the project schedule.
  • Project team assignments–if as a result of reviewing the team performance assessment, some adjustments are made to the agreed-upon assignments (including changes to people’s roles and responsibilities), then these changes are made in the project team assignment documentation.
  • Resource calendars–if additional resources are identified as needed as a result of the team performance assessment, the schedule of availability for these additional resources is updated to the resource calendar.
  • Team charter–if there are operating guidelines that are identified as being needed to be changed as a result of the team performance assessment, then the team charter may be updated to reflect these changes. Enterprise Environmental Factors Updates

  • Skill assessments
  • Employee development plan reports (for inclusion in human resource records) Organizational Process Assets Updates

  • Personnel assessment
  • Training requirements.

Now that the team has been sufficiently developed to work together effectively, now comes the process of tracking their performance during the course of the project work.  This is the work done in the next process 9.5 Manage Team, which will be the subject of the next post.


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