6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.5 Manage Team: Tools and Techniques

Managing a team is less about technical skills that deal with manipulating objects and more of what are called “soft skills” of dealing with people’s inner workings, which are more complicated.   They require a dialogue on the part of the project manager with each of the team members and this is why the very tool and technique is “interpersonal and team skills.”

9.5.2 Manage Team:  Tools and Techniques Interpersonal and Team Skills

  • Conflict management–sources of conflict include scare resources, scheduling priorities, and personal work styles.    The conflict can be reduced by team ground rules (that should be included in the team charter), clear definition of roles and responsibilities, and effective planning of communication.
  • Decision making–in the context of this process, this means being able to manage the team members both individually and in their interactions in meetings and ongoing communication so that decision-making is effective.
  • Emotional intelligence-knowing the personality types of the team members helps one in guiding communication in such a way that it will be accepted more readily by them.   It also allows one to reduce tension and to increase cooperation among the team members.
  • Influencing–Especially in a matrix environment, where team members do not directly report to the project manager, it is important to be able to influence the team members so that the project can succeed.
  • Leadership–Leadership is the ability to inspire a team to do well.   It is especially important to communication the vision of the project objectives and inspire the project team to achieve high performance. Project Management Information System (PMIS)

This is the software program, like Microsoft Project, used in managing a project.  It can include software that can manage and coordinate team members across various project activities.

The next post will cover the outputs of this process.


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