6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 9.6 Control Resources: Inputs

The resource management knowledge area covers both physical resources and human resources.   Human resources are covered in the last three processes, 9.3 Acquire Resources, 9.4 Develop Team and 9.5 Manage Team.

In Control Resources, the process makes sure that the resources assigned in the Resource Management Plan are made available to the project at the right time and in the right place and that are released when no longer needed.   The resources can be either physical resources (materials, equipment, locations) or human resources.  The process is performed throughout the project, and any changes needed to either the resources themselves, or to the schedule or cost baselines, are done as a result of this process.

The inputs to this process are as follows.

9.6.1  Control Resources;  Inputs Project Management Plan

The resources management plan gives guidelines regarding all of the resource management processes.  Those that affect this process include

  • Methods for ensuring adequate physical resources are available as needed.  Includes management of inventory, equipment, and supplies throughout the project life cycle. Project Documents

  • Issue log–issues relating to the lack of resources, or delays in procuring them for the project identified as a result of this process are recorded in this document.
  • Lessons learned register–lessons learned as a result of this process will be added to this register.
  • Physical resource requirements–the output of process 9.3 Acquire Resources.   This gives details on the physical resources that will be controlled during this process.
  • Project schedule–this gives information on when the resources are to be used on the project.
  • Resource breakdown structure–this gives the type of resources needed on the project.   This provides a reference in any case any resource needed to be replaced or re-acquired during the course of the project as a result of this process.
  • Resource requirements–This identifies the quantity of resources needed to carry out the activities of the project.
  • Risk register–if any risks related to the availability of resources are identified as a result of this process, they are added to the register. Work Performance Data

Data on the amount and type of resources used to carry out the activities of the project are inputs to this process. Agreements

Agreements with other organizations to supply resources for the project are inputs to this process. Organizational Process Assets

  • Organizational policies regarding assignment and control of resources.
  • Escalation procedures for dealing with conflicts within an organization regarding resources
  • Lessons learned repository from previous similar projects

The next post covers the tools and techniques of this process.




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