6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 10.1 Plan Communications Management: Inputs

Like most other knowledge areas, the first process has to do with planning to manage activities on the project with regards to that knowledge area.   The output of this process is the Communications Management Plan.

This post will go over the inputs to this process:

10.1.1 Plan Communications Management Project Charter

The project charter should contain the list of key stakeholders, and their roles and responsibilities within the organization. Project Management Plan

  • Resource management plan–the output of process 9.1 Plan Resource Management, provides guidance on managing resources, including human resources, on the project.  The team members and groups identified in this plan will have their communications requirements identified in the communications management plan.
  • Stakeholder engagement plan–the output of process 13.2 Plan Stakeholder Engagement; key stakeholders identified in the project charter have stakeholder management strategies outlined in this plan, which should help in creating their communications requirements during this process. Project Documents

  • Requirements documentation–the output of process 5.2 Collect Requirements, this may include requirements regarding project stakeholder communications.
  • Stakeholder register–the output of process 13.1 Identify Stakeholders, this will be updated as a result of this process with the plan for communications with those stakeholders. Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Stakeholder risk thresholds
  • Personnel administration policies (based on governmental laws and/or regulations)
  • Organizational culture and governance framework (projectized, functional, or a matrix framework somewhere between the two Organizational Process Assets

  • Organization policies and procedures for social media
  • Organizational communication requirements
  • Standardized guidelines for exchange, storage and retrieval of information
  • Historical information and lessons learned repository from previous similar projects

The next post will cover the tools and techniques of this process.


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