6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 10.1 Plan Communications Management: Outputs

There are a lot of elements in the Communications Management Plan, which is the main output of this process.

10.1.3 Plan Communications Management:  Output Communications Management Plan

Here is a simplified list of the elements of the Communications Management Plan, based on the list on p. 377 of the PMBOK® Guide.

  • Stakeholder communication requirements
  • Information to be communicated, reason for the distribution, person responsible for communicating the information, time-frame and frequency of distribution, methods and technologies used to convey the information, persons or groups who receive the information, flow charts of the information flow in the project, including sequence of authorization
  • Special handling procedures:   escalation process and process for releasing confidential information
  • Resources allocated for communication activities (in terms of budget and schedule)
  • Guidelines and templates for project status meetings, team meetings and virtual meetings (agenda, minutes template, etc.), report formats, templates for e-mail messages
  • Constraints derived from legislation or regulation, organizational policies
  • Method for updating and refining the communications management plan Project Management Plan Updates

As a result of this process, the stakeholder management plan may be updated with the types of information to be communicated to the various stakeholders. Project Document Updates

  • Project schedule–if communication activities have to be added to the schedule, it is updated to reflect them
  • Stakeholder register–the communications planned with the various stakeholders may be added to the register.

During the execution phase of the project, the process to be used will 10.2 Manage Communications, which is the topic of the next post.


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