6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 10.2 Manage Communications: Outputs

This post covers the outputs of the process 10.2 Manage Communications.   Besides the communications themselves (see paragraph on Project Communications below), there are updates to the project management plan, to project documents, and to organizational process assets (the remaining paragraphs below).

10.2.3  Manage Communications  Project Communications

These are mainly reports to stakeholders about the status of the project, and include some related to various knowledge areas, in particular those having to do with the main constraints of scope, schedule and cost:

  • Performance reports
  • Deliverable status
  • Schedule progress
  • Cost incurred
  • Presentations (from meetings) Project Management Plan Updates

The main update is, of course, to the communications management plan component of the overall plan, but the stakeholder engagement plan gets updated as well as a result of this process.

  • Communications Management Plan-if changes are made to the communications approach during the process 10.3 Control Communications, then these get implemented into the Communications Management Plan as a result of this process, and the changes are reflected in the Communications Management Plan.
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan–if as a result of this process, any stakeholder communication requirements or agreed-upon communications strategies are changed, these need to be updated in the Stakeholder Engagement Plan. Project Documents Updates

  • Issue log–if any issues related to communications on the project are uncovered as a result of this process, these issues are added to the issue log.   Also, if improved communications are used in order to have an impact on any other active issues, the log entry for those issues is updated to show how these improved communications helped impact them.
  • Lessons learned register–if challenges are encountered during this process related to communications, then how those challenges could have been avoided, as well as how an improved approach worked well for managing communications are recorded in the lessons learned register so that they will have an impact on communications for the rest of the project.
  • Project schedule–the project schedule may needs to be updated to reflect any new communication activities taken up on the project (if additional meetings are called for, for example)
  • Risk register–any risks that deal primarily with managing communications are added to the register.
  • Stakeholder register–information regarding communications activities with regards to particular project stakeholders is put in this register.

10.2,3.4  Organizational Process Assets Updates

  • Project records used on the project (memos, correspondence, meeting minutes)
  • Project reports and presentations (those shown in meetings or prepared as a result of meetings)

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