6th Edition PMBOK® Guide: Process 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis: Outputs

The results of the qualitative risk analysis performed in this process are put into the risk register and the risk report, with additional changes being made to the assumption log and issue log as necessary.

These are the main outputs of the process 11.3 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis:

11.3.3  Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis:   Outputs

  • Risk register–the risk register should have a list of identified risks and the risk owners based on the results of the last process 11.2 Identify Risks.   For each of these risk register entries, you should now add information on the following:
    • Assessments of probability and impacts for each individual project risk
    • The combined risk score and its priority level (very low, low, moderate, high, or very high)
    • Risk urgency information and/or additional risk categorization
    • Watch list for low-priority risks
  • Risk report–the risk report that goes out to all stakeholders concerned with risk should include the following:
    • The most important individual projects risks with the highest probability/impact
    • Prioritized list of all identified risks on the project
    • Summary conclusion
  • Assumption log–if during this process, new assumptions are made, or new constraints identified, these may  be added to the assumption log
  • Issue log–if during this process, any new issues are uncovered or any changes are made to the currently logged issues, the log is updated to reflect them

The next process is taking the qualitative analyis and going one step further and doing a qualitative analysis.   The next post will cover the inputs to this process.


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