6th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Process 12.2 Conduct Procurements: Tools and Techniques

In the last post, I covered the inputs to the process 12.2 Conduct Procurements.   In this post, I am moving on to the tools and techniques used in the process.

12.2.2  Conduct Procurements:  Tools and Techniques  Expert Judgment

Experts should be considered from individuals or groups with specialized knowledge or training in the following topics:

  • Proposal evaluation
  • Technical or subject matter related to the project
  • Relevant functional area (finance, engineering, design, development, supply chain management, etc.)
  • Industry regulatory environment
  • Government regulations, laws, and compliance requirements
  • Negotiation

Many organizations centralize their procurement system and will have a procurement manager handle the details of the procurement for you project.  Advertising

Communicating with users or potential user of a product, service, or result in order to solicit interest in bidding on a contract for procurement.   Placing advertisements in selected newspapers and/or specialty trade publications can often expand existing lists of potential sellers.

Note that most government jurisdictions require public advertising or online posting of pending government contracts.  Bidder Conferences

Also referred to as:

  • Contractor conferences
  • Vendor conferences
  • Pre-bid conferences

These conferences ensure that all prospective bidders have a clear and common understanding of the procurement and no bidders receive preferential treatment.  Data Analysis

Proposal evaluation is the technique used for this process.  Using the Source Selection Criteria (one of the outputs included in Procurement Documentation from process 12.1 Plan Procurement Management), the bidder proposals are evaluated to ensure that they are complete and respond in full to the bid documents.   In that way there is no delay in the bidder conferences (see paragraph above).  Interpersonal and Team Skills

Negotiation is the interpersonal and team skill that can be used for this process.

Procurement negotiation clarifies the structure, rights, and obligations of the parties so that they mutual agreement can be reached prior to signing the contract.

The negotiation should be led by a member of the procurement team that has the authority to sign contracts.   As mentioned above, many organizations centralize their procurement, in which case a procurement manager will be leading the negotiations.   The project manager and other members of the project management team may be present during negotiation to provide assistance as needed.

And that concludes the tools and techniques involved in this process.  The next post will cover the outputs.


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