The Culture of Agile

In the fourth chapter of the Agile Practice Guide which focuses on implementing an agile environment, after discussion on p. 40-42 of the various roles on an agile team, there is a discussion of the various values promoted by an agile culture.   In this context, you can take “culture” to mean the various qualities of the interactions between members of that group.   So what qualities does agile recommend in order to have a successful team?

These qualities are:

  • self-organizing (working out problems as a group rather than expecting a leader to assign people work)
  • dedicated team members (striving to have team members working exclusively on a single project rather than than dividing their time among a lot of projects)
  • colocating (having a common workspace where meetings can take place to monitor progress on the project and to discuss solutions to any impediments that may come up)

Of course, these are the ideals, but not every organization can live up to them 100%.   The Agile Alliance recognizes this, and tries to suggest alternatives for organizations that cannot achieve these ideals in their purest form.

I will take up each three of these qualities suggested by the Agile Practice Guide in the next few posts–both the ideals and the suggestions for working alternatives…


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