Demonstrations/Reviews in an Agile Environment

I’m going through the Agile Practice Guide on a systematic basis to review all of its contents.   Chapter 5 covers the implementation of a project in an agile environment.

Section 5.2 of this chapter covers the eight most common agile project practices, which are:

5.2.1 Retrospectives

5.2.2 Backlog preparation

5.2.3 Backlog refinement

5.2.4 Daily Standups

5.2.5 Demonstrations/Reviews

5.2.6 Planning for Iteration-Based Agile

5.2.7 Execution Practices that Help Teams Deliver Value

5.2.8 Iterations and Increments Help Deliver Working Product

I covered the first four items.s on the list in the last few posts.   The previous item I covered was Daily Standups.  The next item I will discuss in this post is demonstrations or reviews.

Once a team completes a feature, the team needs to demonstrate the working product.   In a traditional project management environment, this is called “verifying the scope” internally before the scope is validated by the customer.

The customer will then give feedback and the team will implement any changes suggested.

As a general rule, the team should demonstrate a working product at least once every two weeks.  A team that does not demonstrate a product with that frequency needs coaching to enable frequent delivery.

The next post will cover the next item, planning.



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