Welcome to Chicago’s Rollout!

Welcome to all those who are coming to read more about what was discussed in the Chicago-based Rollout radio program!

My name is Jerome Rowley and I am the co-host of the program together with my colleague and business partner, Bert Howard.

The Chicago’s Rollout radio program is sponsored by TruthRadioChicago, which you can access at “TruthRadio.net”.   Our show airs on Friday evening from 6:30-7:30 PM.  For those of you with Android phones, you can download the “TruthRadioChicago” app and listen to us that way.   (No word yet on the availability of the app on the App Store for those with iPhones.)

The mission of the program is initially to reach out to the African-American community in Chicago and present information to you that will help empower you through education, in order to be enlightened and energized for the future and become engaged in the world.    The four subjects areas we will be covering are:

  • business
  • logistics
  • project management
  • art/design (plus architecture)

Project management is my specialty area, and the other three areas are the specialty areas of my co-host Bert Howard.

If you want to write a comment, or ask a question, leave a comment towards the bottom of the page this blog post is on, or contact me on my Twitter account, which is @4squareviews.    This is a moderated blog, so I have to approve comments before they are posted.   I will try to respond to all questions as time permits.

I will be posting in the next week articles that have to do with the material we covered on our program of Friday, February 21st.   Our program tonight will cover the definition of a project, and an example of a project you can do to help change your life, mainly to change a habit!

As the saying says, “change nothing, and nothing changes”!


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