Project Management and the Art of Moving

One of the common examples of projects given to those who are learning about project management is that of organizing a move.

Well, I am in the midst of moving from one city to another, and I can tell you that using project management tools has made the move one of the smoothest in my memory of various moves I have done in my life.

What has it done to help me in practical terms? By planning the move one month out, I could space out the various tasks to be completed to allow myself enough time to take care of winding down the volunteer projects I was involved with for the Project Management Institute of Orange County. I even scheduled in some relaxation time so I could de-stress from all the preparations.

I added an extra day of slack in the travel schedule for risk management, and it came in handy–the mini-storage space I rented was closed for Easter, which put me a day behind schedule leaving town. But since I added a day of slack in my travel plans, I’ll get there on time because of my project management habit of thinking out contingency plans.

Some people think that all that planning might make you lose your spontaneity, but I think that’s not the case. Because I’ve planned ahead and prepared for various contingencies, I actually am more relaxed and living in the moment, because part of my mind that used to be wondering in the background “now did I think of this or that” is silent–because I now have a plan.

So project management can not only help you in the practical aspects of your daily life, but it can also help you enjoy it more!


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