California-Chicago Travel Playlist

On my current car trip from LA to Chicago, one of the things I wanted to make sure to maintain was my sanity.

I thought it would be interesting to list all of those recordings I brought with me in order to pass the time of driving for days on end.

1. The Hobbit soundtrack
I brought this because it was the last movie I saw in LA, and the subtitle “An Unexpected Journey” seemed very apropos given my decision to move to Chicago to help my father recuperate after his recent hospitalization.

2. Lord of the Rings soundtrack
After The Hobbit, I thought I might as well go full Tolkien and listen to the soundtrack from all 3 movies. The mountainous terrain of Colorado was the perfect backdrop to listen to music from Middle Earth.

3. Cloud Atlas soundtrack
This is the next to last movie I saw in LA. It has resonance for me because it deals with life-altering decisions that the characters in various times take, and how the effects of those decisions ripple through time. Having just made a life-altering decision myself, I could definitely relate.

4. FSI Standard Chinese–Module 3: Directions
I take these language recordings because I constantly practice the languages I’m studying so my skills don’t fade.

5. Joseph Campbell lecture series: Western Quest
In this 5-hour lecture series, Joseph Campbell relates the fundamental mythologies of the West in the form of the Arthurian legends. Fascinating as mythology, history, and Joe is an excellent storyteller to boot.

6. Eckherdt Tolle–A New Earth
In this audio book the author shows how spiritual evolution starts with the diminishment of ego. Oh, is that all, you may ask. It’s harder than it sounds, but the author gives advice on how to go about it.

7. Classical Music
I don’t have the exact title of the compilation series of CDs of these classics of classical music, but it is standard fare in my “sanity maintenance” collection.

These recordings I hope give you an idea of my interests. I can’t recommend them to you–you have to make your own list. But whatever you choose, make sure some of it engages your mind as well as your spirit!


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