5th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Step 6: Memorizing Inputs & Outputs (Quality Management Part 3)

1. Introduction

In this next series of posts on memorizing the processes, we move on to the final step 6, which is memorizing the INPUTS & OUTPUTS associated with each of the 47 processes.   In order to breakdown the memorization into more bite-size chunks, I am breaking down the processes in the 10 knowledge areas into 2 or 3 posts each.

This post covers chapter 8 of the PMBOK® Guide, which covers the Quality Knowledge Area. This knowledge area contains 3 processes, one of which is in the Planning Process Group, one of which is in the Executing Process Group and the last of which is in the Monitoring & Controlling Process Group.

(I am splitting the discussion of the Inputs & Outputs into three different posts, each one covering one of the processes.   This post will cover Processes 8.3 Control Quality).

2.   Review of process 8.3 Control Quality

As a reminder, Control Quality  is the process of monitoring and recording results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes.   The difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control is that Quality Assurance is designed to improve the quality of processes, whereas Quality Control is designed to improve the quality of the deliverables themselves.

Process Name Tools & Techniques Inputs Outputs
8.3 Control Quality 1. Seven basic quality tools

2. Statistical sampling

3. Inspection

4. Approved change requests review

1. Project management plan

2. Quality metrics

3. Quality checklists

4. Work performance data

5. Approved change requests

6. Deliverables

7. Project documents

8. OPAs

1. Quality control measurements

2. Validated changes

3. Verified deliverables

4. Work performance information

5. Change requests

6. Project management plan updates

7. Project documents updates

8. OPAs updates

3.  Outputs of process 8.3

a. Quality control measurements

These are the documented results of control quality activities.

b. Validated changes

Any changes that have approved must be validated to make sure they are implemented.   Note that the explanation in the PMBOK guide is incorrect and refers instead to validated deliverables (see paragraph below).

c. Verified deliverables

This process determines the correctness of deliverables.   These deliverables that have been internally verified in the Control Quality Process are then sent to the process 5.5 Validate Scope where they are validated by the customer and/or sponsor.

d. Work performance information

Work performance data is analyzed in context and integrated across knowledge areas so that it is useful for stakeholders.

e. Change requests

A change request may include defect repair, corrective action or preventive action and are analyzed and processes in the process 4.5 Perform Integrated Change Control.

f. Project management plan updates

Both the following subsidiary management plans may be updated as a result of this process:

  • Quality Management Plan
  • Process Improvement Plan

g. Project documents updates

The project documents that may be updated include:

  • Quality standards
  • Agreements
  • Quality audit reports and change logs
  • Training plans and assessments of effectiveness
  • Process documentation, such as information obtained using the seven basic quality tools or the quality management tools

h. OPAs updates

  • Completed quality checklists
  • Lessons learned documentation

4.  Inputs of process 8.3

a. Project management plan

In particular, the quality management plan is used to control quality, as it describes how quality control will be performed within the project.

b. Quality metrics

Describes a project or product attribute and how it will be measured.

c. Quality checklists

These are structured lists that help to verify that the work of the project and its deliverables fulfill a set of requirements.

d. Work performance data

This can include planned vs. actual

  • technical performance
  • cost performance
  • schedule performance

e. Approved change requests

A change log update indicates that some changes are approved and some are not.   The implementation of approved change requests must be verified.

f. Deliverables

A deliverable is any unique and verifiable product, result, or capability that results in a validated deliverable required by the project.

g. Project documents

The project documents that may be used in the course of this process are:

  • Agreements
  • Quality audit reports and change logs supported with corrective action plans
  • Training plans and assessments of effectiveness
  • Process documentation such as those obtained using either the seven basic quality tools or the quality management and control tools (listed in the chart above as some of the tools & techniques used in this process)

h. OPAs

The OPAs that may influence this process are:

  • Organization’s quality standards and policies
  • Standard work guidelines
  • Issue and defect reporting procedures and communication policies

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