5th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Step 6: Memorizing Inputs & Outputs (HR Management Part 1)

1. Introduction

In this next series of posts on memorizing the processes, we move on to the final step 6, which is memorizing the INPUTS & OUTPUTS associated with each of the 47 processes.   In order to breakdown the memorization into more bite-size chunks, I am breaking down the processes in the 10 knowledge areas into 2 or 3 posts each.

This post covers chapter 9 of the PMBOK® Guide, which covers the Human Resource (HR) Knowledge Area. This knowledge area contains 4 processes, one of which is in the Planning Process Group, and the last three of which are in the Executing Process Group.   Alone of all the knowledge areas, HR is the only one NOT to have a process in the Monitoring & Controlling Group.

I am splitting the discussion of the Inputs & Outputs into two different posts, each one covering two of the processes.   This post will cover Processes 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management and 9.2 Acquire Project Team.

2.  Review of processes 9.1 and 9.2 together with ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs)

Process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management creates the plan that is the framework for all the other processes done in the Executing Progress group.   It identifies and documents

  • project roles and responsibilities
  • required skills
  • reporting relationships

and creates a staffing management plan.

Process 9.2 Acquire Project Team confirms the availability of human resources and obtains the team necessary to complete the project activities.

Process Name Tools & Techniques Inputs Outputs
9.1 Plan Human Resource Management 1. Organizational charts and position descriptions

2. Networking

3. Organizational theory

4. Expert judgment

5. Meetings

1. Project management plan

2. Activity resource requirements

3. EEFs

4. OPAs

1. Human Resource Management Plan
9.2 Acquire Project Team 1. Pre-assignment

2. Negotiation

3. Acquisition

4. Virtual teams

5. Multi-criteria decision analysis

1. Human Resource Management Plan

2. EEFs

3. OPAs

1. Project staff assignments

2. Resource calendars

3. Project management plan updates

3.  Outputs of process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management and 9.2 Acquire Project Team

a.  Human Resource Management Plan (9.1 Plan Human Resource Management)

The process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management has as its main output the Human Resource Management Plan, the main elements of which are:

  • Roles and responsibilities (includes the project role, authority level, responsibility, and competency)
  • Project organization charts (display of project team members and their reporting relationships)
  • Staffing management plan (describes when and how project team members will be acquired and for how long they will be needed on the project)

The last item on the list, staffing management plan, itself consists of several elements, including:

  • Staff acquisition (will the project team members come from within the organization or from external, contracted sources)
  • Resource calendars (identifies the working days and shifts on which each specific resource is available)
  • Staff release plan (determines the method and timing of releasing team members)
  • Training needs (if team members assigned to the project do not have the required competencies, a training plan can be developed as part of the project)
  • Recognition and rewards (contains clear criteria for rewards and a planned system for their use, based on activities and performance)
  • Compliance (strategies for complying with applicable government regulations, union contracts, and other established HR policies)
  • Safety (policies and procedures that protect team members from safety hazards)

b. Project staff assignments (9.2 Acquire Project Team)

This is the list of appropriate people assigned to the project team.

c. Resource calendars (9.2 Acquire Project Team)

Documents the time periods that each project team member is available to work on the project.

d. Project management plan updates (9.2 Acquire Project Team)

The human resource management plan and its subsidiary components, in particular the project organization chart and the staffing management plan, may be updated as a result of this process.

4.  Inputs of process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management and 9.2 Acquire Project Team

a. Project management plan (9.2 Acquire Project Team)

The information needed from the other parts of the Project Management Plan in order to develop the Human Resource Plan includes the following:

  • Project life cycle and the processes that will be applied to each phase
  • How work will be executed to accomplish the project objectives
  • Change management plan that documents how changes will be monitored and controlled
  • Configuration management plan that documents how configuration management will be performed in order to make sure that the project team is working on the correct version of the project plan
  • How integrity of the project baselines (scope, schedule, and cost baselines) will be maintained
  • Needs and methods of communication among stakeholders

b. Activity resource requirements (9.2 Acquire Project Team)

The activity resource requirements help determine the human resource needs for the project.

c. EEFs (9.1 Plan Human Resource Management and 9.2 Acquire Project Team)

The EEFs used in process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management are

  • Organizational culture and structure (functional, projectized, or matrix)
  • Existing human resources within the organization
  • Geographical dispersion of team members
  • Personnel administration policies
  • Marketplace conditions

The EEFs used in process 9.2 Acquire Project Team are

  • Existing information on human resources (availability, competency levels, prior experience, cost rate)
  • Personnel administration policies such as those that affect outsourcing
  • Organizational structure (functional, projectized, or matrix)
  • Colocation or multiple locations

d. OPAs ((9.1 Plan Human Resource Management and 9.2 Acquire Project Team)

The OPAs used in process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management and 9.2 Acquire Project Team are

  • Organizational standard processes, policies, and role descriptions
  • Templates for organizational charts and position descriptions
  • Lessons learned on organizational structures that have worked in previous projects
  • Escalation procedures for handling issues within the team and within the performing organization

e.  Human Resource Management Plan (9.2 Acquire Project Team)

This output of the previous process 9.1 Plan Human Resource Management is the input of the following process 9.2 Acquire Project Team.   The most relevant elements of the HR Management Plan for this process are:

  • Roles and responsibilities (defines the positions, skills, and competencies that the project demands)
  • Project organization charts (indicates the number of people needed for the project)
  • Staffing management plans (indicates the time periods each project team member will be needed)

The next post will cover the inputs and outputs for the last two processes of the HR knowledge area, 9.3 Develop Project Team and 9.4 Manage Project Team.


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  1. Problem-solving skills and navigating organizational politics are critical – not just for HR – but anyone in the business world trying to get something accomplished.

    Thanks for the Post !

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