5th Edition PMBOK® Guide–Step 6: Memorizing Inputs & Outputs (HR Management Part 2)

1. Introduction

In this next series of posts on memorizing the processes, we move on to the final step 6, which is memorizing the INPUTS & OUTPUTS associated with each of the 47 processes.   In order to breakdown the memorization into more bite-size chunks, I am breaking down the processes in the 10 knowledge areas into 2 or 3 posts each.

This post covers chapter 9 of the PMBOK® Guide, which covers the Human Resource (HR) Knowledge Area. This knowledge area contains 4 processes, one of which is in the Planning Process Group, and the last three of which are in the Executing Process Group.   Alone of all the knowledge areas, HR is the only one NOT to have a process in the Monitoring & Controlling Group.

I am splitting the discussion of the Inputs & Outputs into two different posts, each one covering two of the processes.   This post will cover Processes 9.3 Develop Project Team and 9.4 Manage Project Team.

2.  Review of processes 9.3 and 9. 4 together with ITTOs (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs)

Process 9.3 Develop Project Team

Process 9.4 Manage Project Team

Process Name Tools & Techniques Inputs Outputs
9.3 Develop Project Team 1. Interpersonal skills

2. Training

3. Team-building activities

4. Ground rules

5. Colocation

6. Recognition and awards

7. Personnel assessment tools

1. Human resource management plan

2. Project staff assignments

3. Resource calendars

1. Team performance assessments

2. EEFs updates

9.4 Manage Project Team 1. Observation and conversation

2. Project performance appraisals

3. Conflict management

4. Interpersonal skills

1. Human resource management plan

2. Project staff assignments

3. Team performance assessments

4. Issue log

5. Work performance reports

6. OPAs

1. Change requests

2. Project management plan updates

3. Project documents updates

4. EEFs updates

5. OPAs updates

3.   Outputs of processes 9.3 Develop Project Team and 9.4 Manage Project Team


a. Team performance assessments (9.3 Develop Project Team)

b. EEFs updates (9.3 Develop Project Team)

c. Change requests (9.4 Manage Project Team)

d. Project management plan updates  (9.4 Manage Project Team)

e. Project documents updates  (9.4 Manage Project Team)

f. EEFs updates  (9.4 Manage Project Team)

g. OPAs updates  (9.4 Manage Project Team)

4.  Inputs of processes 9.3  Develop Project Team and 9.4 Manage Project Team

a. Human resource management plan (9.3 Develop Project Team)

b. Project staff assignments  (9.3 Develop Project Team)

c. Resource calendars  (9.3 Develop Project Team)

d. Human resource management plan (9.4 Manage Project Team)

e. Project staff assignments (9.4 Manage Project Team)

f. Team performance assessments (9.4 Manage Project Team)

g. Issue log (9.4 Manage Project Team)

h. Work performance reports (9.4 Manage Project Team)

i. OPAs (9.4 Manage Project Team)


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